Riding For Augie

One of the most popular fundraising events over the past two years is the "Ride for Augie" Indoor Cycling Program. It is an energy builder for both the members as well as the staff... Be creative, many clubs have moved their Indoor Cycling bikes into the main lobby of their clubs to run the class in sight of the Members and add to the energy and excitement..

This is a simple and fun event for any club and lets everybody using the Club know that you and your great staff are taking a stand against ALS. Members rent a bike for the Special "Ride for Augie" Class and the monies go to Clubs for the Quest/Augie's Quest. You will also find that members not participating in the class will donate money once they see it happening.

Bring smiles to your members with the Ride for Augie while energizing your staff in their efforts to raise money to find a cure for ALS.

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Riding for Augie