Vendors For Augie

The Clubs for the Quest/ Augie's Quest Team has tremendous potential with Health and Fitness Suppliers who want to be part of finding a cure for ALS. Performance Food Groups created "The Augie Shake" with a percentage of the proceeds of the sale of the drink donated to Augie's Quest.

Casey Conrad, Bonnie Matalin and several other industry consultants donated the proceeds of their webinars to Clubs for the Quest.

Sirius Advertising donated their time in creating the entire advertising campaign for the Clubs for the Quest/Augie's Quest effort.

Doug Miller and the entire Sales Makers Team donated their time and the 12 Days of Fitness Program to Augie for this upcoming Holiday Season.

Laurence Metrick donated his team's time and the 24/7 Join Online Technology and site to the Clubs for the Quest Team which will play an integral role in building momentum for this program.

Numerous other suppliers have also joined forces for Augie throughout the year. It is exciting to be receiving the high levels of support from our vendors within the Health & Fitness Industry that are working together with Club owners, staff and members across the globe to find the cure for ALS.

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